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Beats with Benji

my weekly (7 PM Tuesdays, Toronto time.) radio show.

Python 3 Tutorial

(NEW!) My Python 3 tutorial


A brief post about Algoriddim's djay software, and the how to manually edit the .djayMidiMapping XML files.

First Tweet

Find the first time some text was tweeted.

NCIX Deals

A list of the deals from's promotions page, sorted by % discount.

Beats 1 Tweets

Similar to the Radio 1 page, but has schedule, and the ability to replay some of the Beats 1 shows

Triple J Mix Up

Each Saturday Night (Sydney time) Triple J airs a DJ mix show called Mix Up. My page hosts each mix, plus the track list.

BBC Radio 1 Twitter Comments

This page shows Tweets related to BBC's Radio 1. It first pulls in the current playing track from this JSON then uses Musizbrainz & Discogs to attempt to pull in an artist's Twitter username, and uses this to find Twitter mentions for those artists. It also finds mentions of the on-air host.


This is a pure JavaScript page that pulls in ninemsn's videos into an HTML5 <video> tag. It allows you to easily beam a video to your TV using AirPlay if you're on an iOS device.

SBS Cycling

Similar to the NineMSN page, but for SBS's Cycling Central videos

Vuelta a España

Similar to the SBS Cycling page, but dedicated to the 2015 Vuelta

Whistler Blackcomb Webcams

I'm pulling down Whistler Blackcomb's webcam images and saving them, allowing you to "rewind" each webcam. Whistler-Blackcomb's site only allows you to see the current image, my version shows any image from October 2014 onwards.