Video Streaming Tutorial

UPDATE MARCH 2020: With the recent COVID-19 self-isolating developments, artists around the world are seeking to live stream even more than ever!

I'm now offering my tutorial FOR FREE! Please contact me below!

What this is?

People are looking to stream to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (Periscope) and Twitch more and more these days.

And with the proliferation of built-in webcams and even cheap external USB webcams streaming has become as easy as ever

Most tutorials online only set you up to stream to one service at a time. But what if your audience is spread across muliple places (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for example)

There are paid solutions to be able to stream to multiple places, but it's quite easy to setup your streaming computer (Windows, Linux or macOS) to stream to multiple services all at once!

Who am I?

I'm a professional software developer with 20 years experience, and an amateur DJ.

I've been live-streaming my show for 4 years, and have found a simple solution to be able to stream to multiple video platforms at the same time. In under 45 minutes I can help you get set-up to do that same!

Contact me

For a small fee FREE I'll provide you with a PDF of how to set this up, and even provide personal support in helping you get up & running!